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Time to Take OUR Media Back!

Guys!, These are shit days. We are sick and tired of being treated like criminals, idiots, children, mentally retarded delinquents all because we have opinions that challenge the 'status quo' PC bullshit attitudes of the old farts in charge of our puppet politicians and corporate thugs. These people have literally fucked us in the ass and they have taken everything from us, and now they are trying to silence us (our homes, our pensions, our voices). All of us know how these PC 'leftie' bullshit media behave, time to fuck them back and show who's got the biggest dick.

The objective of non-pc.org is to freely permit topics to be discussed that 'may' be classed as being unacceptable within the usual social landscape. At non-pc, with the exception of obvious spam (ie meaningless content for viagra pills and mail-order brides etc... ), and discussions which are blatantly illegal (ie child porn, snuff films etc...) we guarantee to NOT censor your voice and your message, as we really believe the world is becoming far far far too 'PC'.

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