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Youtube is Censoring Comments

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Stated Feb 8, 2017 in News & Current Affairs by kryptos4u (470 points)
edited Feb 21, 2017 by Admin

I have noticed many times, that youtube seemingly censors comments, particularly if they are related to religion or political current affairs and history. I have observed this via my interactions with friends and colleagues that regularly post and comment on topics that may be deemed as controversial or provocative.

Many of my own comments have been totally censored, ie 'Deleted' or invisible for anyone else other than the original author. In my own feed, they are visible, but to anyone else, its as if they never happened -- I know this from setting up multiple accounts and testing the cross-visibility. The truth is, that unless one is savvy enough to have multiple accounts, suspecting that something doesn't seem quite right, and testing as I have done, there is no way to know for sure whether you have been 'ghost censored' or not, since there are no formal notifications. Seems alot like an electronic form of "Solitary Confinement".

I personally view this as a totally sinister form of censorship. This is a totally pervasive, evil form of censorship, should be illegal if you ask me, particularly for large enterprises since they are in effect providing a pseudo 'basic service'. In effect, this form of censorship permits a message to be pushed as long as that message aligns with the philosophy or political motivations of the entity running the website, and who is to judge what is valid and reasonable content and what is not? The opinions of some moderator?

Clearly I am not the only one to complain about this kind of behaviour, HERE, HERE and HERE are a few examples of similar reports. Totally disgusting if you ask me, but it seems to be 'falling on deaf ears'.

If anyone else has experienced the same silencing treatment, please comment below and share.

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Responded Feb 22, 2017 by 1 more time (240 points)
Youtube seems to be going the way of Disqus. Blogs can seem impartial till you try to post a comment. If the blog controller doesn't agree with your political slant then good luck trying to post your opinion... which really defeats the purpose of informed debate.
commented Feb 22, 2017 by kryptos4u (470 points)
Yes. Exactly. A friend of mine was banned from Quora, for posting an article written by the BBC, which some people obviously found too 'confronting', going against the silly 'be nice be respectful'  policy.

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