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Jesus Gives Head

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Stated Feb 22, 2017 in Religion by kryptos4u (470 points)
recategorized Feb 22, 2017 by kryptos4u

Statue of Jesus Christ beheaded twice in two weeks!. According to a recent CNN article. Well at least some people have a sense of humour!

"The first time we put it up, they knocked it over," Pastor Brad Flaskamp told CNN. The statue was put back in place and the church thought no more of it for years, he said. Until two weeks ago, when churchgoers discovered their familiar Jesus in an unfamiliar state. Someone had beheaded the statue. Luckily, Jesus' head was left behind and the church was able to reattach it on Saturday. But the next day, vandals struck again."

How appropriate that the shadow on the wall looks like one big giant erect penis.

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