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Ducking-Hell, Anonymous vs ISIS

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Stated Nov 29, 2015 in News & Current Affairs by kryptos4u (470 points)
retagged Dec 4, 2015 by kryptos4u

Like an emotionless cat, toying with a sick rodent, it's fantastic to see the Anonymous group playing with earths bubonic-plague infested mischief, the ISIS simpletons. To name a few of the subsequent outcomes to a recent declaration of 'Virtual War', Anonymous has taken down 5k+ Twitter Accounts, and humorously made a 'ducking' mockery of some pathetic ISIS propaganda via 4Chan:

ISIS clearly has a strongly misguided opinion, one which can be safely pigeonholed right along-side all their other misguided opinions and actions. 'Allah Quackbar' to you ISIS, as the ugly duckling from the nest of humanity, hopefully you will soon be left behind in your toxic pond of delusion.


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