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Apparently Guns are on the Menu for Christmas

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Stated Dec 7, 2015 in News & Current Affairs by kryptos4u (470 points)
edited Dec 7, 2015 by kryptos4u

Following up on my previous post entitled USA Needs More Guns, just recently it was brought to the attention of the mainstream media, that Michele Fiore, a US Republican, a state representative no less, had produced and distributed a family xmas card, where each family member above the age of say 3, would be "packing", and by packing, I mean holding and posing with almost every firearm imaginable.

Michelle was so proud with the above, that she decided to post it on Facebook  for the world to see (snapshot below):

What seems equally puzzling in the above Facebook post, is how this is purported to be somewhat normal and/or expected, evidenced by the caption:

It's up to Americans to protect America

And, even more ludicrous, is the following statement:

We're just your ordinary American family

At the time of writing this post, the USA is up to its 353rd mass shooting this year, more than the number of days that have passed. I may not be Einstein, but perhaps there is a correlation between the above notion of what it means to be an 'Ordinary American Family' (ie evidently packing enough firearms to support a small revolution), and the continual bloodshed which takes place on the american streets.

On a side-note, Facebook, its about time you made available a 'Dislike' button.

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