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Autoplay Videos are Really Poor Form

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Stated Dec 21, 2015 in News & Current Affairs by kryptos4u (470 points)
edited Feb 20, 2017 by Admin
I have been noticing lately that these god-damn media outlets have manifested their arrogance and total lack of consideration for the readers, by auto-playing videos on their websites. I am surely not the only one that has experienced a situation where one of 50 browser tabs mysteriously starts spewing out commentary, triggering a giant 'wheres wally' mission to locate where the sound is coming from.

This is my pet hate on the internet these days (one of) in close competition with spam emails -- the ones advertising Russian mail-order brides, fake viagra or Nigerian 419 scams. Pick any newspaper website, guaranteed they will start playing videos automatically, however, with sufficient delay that they cleverly start playing once the viewer has lost focus on the particular webpage.

So a big screw you, to the genius marketing teams that concluded it was within their right to hijack every internet browser, regardless of whether the user is in a workplace or a noise-sensitive environment.

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