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Fuck You Lezbians, Dykes and Homos of Newtown

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Stated Feb 23, 2016 in News & Current Affairs by atheist (240 points)
edited Feb 21, 2017 by Admin

So Newtown, the Lezbian capital of the cosmos has now totally corrupted its local high school in a twisted multi-generational experiment to permanently fuck up its students, and confuse their sexual identity:

According to a recent Sydney Morning Herald article, am I the only sane human to think "What the fuck"?

"Before the changes were implemented, students had to go through the school with parental permission and notes from psychologists before they were allowed to wear the cross gender uniform, and that wasn't really a possibility for some students whose parents aren't supportive of their gender identity," he said.

This whole topic was covered by VICE, which means it officially participates within the mainstream drug-fucked left-field retard paradigm.

From now on, students will be free to use whichever uniform or bathroom matches their gender identity. They could already do both those things before the policy was officially changed, but now they're saved the trouble of seeking formal permission from administration, which Newtown student Jo Dwyer called a "long and difficult process."

This seems strikingly familiar if one is a fan of SouthPark? School for Cartmans anyone?

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