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Wendy Wright vs Richard Dawkins

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Stated Oct 25, 2015 in Religion by atheist (240 points)
edited Nov 7, 2015 by Admin

Not too long ago, I watched an interview between Richard Dawkins and the creationist retarded dyke Wendy Wright, what a completely frustrating video this was, for anyone interested, it can be viewed below: 

Anyway, she would have to go down as one of the most condescending fundamentalist Christian drop-kicks I have ever witnessed. Fuck you Wendy, you little psychotic turd. How is it that these people can truly believe this junk, in the face of all scientific evidence, oh yeah, thats right, it was put there by god to 'test' our faith -- what a crock of shit.

Richard Dawkins, total gentleman, any other red-blooded man would have had a seriously hard time not reaching for the closest hard object to whack this ignoramus over the back of the head, the absolute stupidity of this woman is simply too much to bear for more than a few intolerable seconds.

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