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Full name: Uv Didital Flatbed Engraving System http://www.ctpplatesetter.com/uv-digital-engraivng-system/uv-didital-flatbed-engraving-system/
Location: Chemical Intermediate Free Sample http://www.goldenchuanchemical.com/chemical-intermediate/
Website: http://www.hvofpowder.com/
About: 200W Exterior LED Flood Lights
1. System integration design (heat sink is the lamp shell): fully guarantee the LED heat dissipation requirements and service life guarantee.Outdoor flood lights.
2. Wide voltage input and constant current for LED work: It does not require the size of power grid fluctuations, and it does not affect the brightness and service life of the lamps due to grid fluctuations.
3. Temperature compensation constant current technology design: LED floodlight no brightness delay process, power can reach normal brightness. Outside led flood lights.
4. The color rendering is greater than the traditional energy-saving lamps: making the objects illuminated more clearly and vividly.
5. LED adopts an integrated packaging process: making the beam angle distribution more reasonable than narrow beam irradiation, making full use of light.Large heat dissipation area: Aluminum has high heat dissipation.
6. High-brightness LED and high luminous efficiency and high efficiency power supply: make the light projection distance farther, without using high-power traditional light sources and low-efficiency drive power, fully embodying the advantages of energy saving.
Product Quality Testing
1. Waterproof test: After 8 hours of watering test, check if the flood light is waterproof.
2. Integrating sphere test: The integrating sphere test can collect some spectral data, such as color temperature, color rendering index, luminous efficiency, etc.
3. IES test: IES test is a professional test for LED floodlights. It can calculate multiple parameters of LED by LED light emission.
Such as lumen value, LED initial luminous flux, luminous angle, etc.
4. High and low temperature test. Make sure the lamp can work normally between -40~60 degrees.
5. Salt spray test: Test the lamp anti-corrosion function, can be used on the beach.
6. Aging test: test the performance of the lamp, whether there is flicker, can work normally, etc.
7. Color difference test: detect the color of the lamp, whether it meets the standard color index.
8. High pressure test: This is a routine test to ensure that the lamp body can withstand high pressure.
9. Anti-vibration test: It is used to detect whether the lamp is intact and then damaged during transportation.
10. Temperature test: test the temperature of the glass surface of the lamp, what is the surface temperature of the lamp under different working environment temperatures.High Power LED High Bay

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